Radmila has contacted you at 14/03/2022 10:55:55

Good day! Could you please give me all information concerning rental space? I am currently looking for an office space and would like to find out more information on the following points:
1. Cost per square meter
2. Rental commission to agent(if any)
3. Total floors, area, net floor plate
4. Size of the renting space (the rental space would be 80-100m2)
5. The floor
6. Required service fees
7. Utilities fees
8. Internet providers
9. Furniture available
10. Entrance system (card for guests and employees)
11. Security camera (on the floor, elevator, lobby….)
12. Avaibility of the floor plan
13. Providing the measures of the space ( for internal designers to design the space)
14. Possiblity of signing “Letter of Intent” while waiting for the license and the procedure.
We need space for 6-10 people. The required space about 100m2. Timeline is 3-5 years.